The Importance of Article Rewriting in Content Marketing

Article rewriting is a kind of content writing wherein the same ideas, concepts, and knowledge are used in an article from an original one. However, article rewriting still generates original content and can cater to interested readers. A rewritten article differs from the original one in terms of grammar, sentence structure, conciseness, and coherence. However, it still brings out the same ideas to the readers, and may even be better on giving information to the readers than the original piece. In addition, you should not confuse article rewriting with article spinning. The latter deals with word-per word replacement to generate a new article from an original one. In content marketing, article rewriting is very important. Want to know more? Continue reading below.

If you are one of those website owners who own multiple websites maybe from the same niche or form different niches, then you may be interested in writing multiple pieces of article that convey the same message to the readers. You may use an original content to one of your websites, then rewrite it using an article writer to distribute the content to your other websites. This way, you can generate multiple pieces of content with the same thought but different structures that may cater to different kinds of readers.

You can also use article rewriting tools to maintain the uniqueness of a content that you want to distribute without breaking the rules of the internet ethics. For instance, if you own multiple websites but you still want to distribute the same content to each of them, then you can use an article rewriting tool to generate multiple pieces of content that are different or unique from each other but still have the same thoughts. This way, you can then post the contents to each of your websites without breaking any rules. In the first place, you own all of them.

There are times when some kind of topic is so popular, trending, well known, or common in today’s world. You will most likely be posting contents about the same idea on your websites. However, readers would not like it if you post the same thing over and over again. Thus, a way around this is to use an article rewriting tool to create multiple unique contents that all relay the same message or are all about the same trending topic. If your contents are good enough, then you can generate more traffic to your sites and receive the benefits of search engine optimization.

After reading all these, then you may now be interested in using an article rewriting tool. If you do, it is highly recommended for you to try out This article rewriting tool can help you generate multiple pieces of content that are of high quality and unique.

Get ready to work with the most innovative technique of advertising

The artist draws the process by which an artistic story is being created along with pictures on the special whiteboard is known as whiteboard animation. It is mostly used in televisions and in web advertising for communicating a message in an inimitable way. You just require a pen along with whiteboard plus some fun drawing which can promote the online brand of a company. It can generate many social shares as well. Creating whiteboard animation video for any company is much easier task that can be facilitated in few simple steps-

Drawing whiteboard video-

Sometimes it can be an expensive process as hiring a professional for creating a whiteboard video for a company. In such case, anyone can create this video personally. There is various animation software available for such work. You need to put drawing proficiency on display.

whiteboard animation video

Make use of DSLR camera which is mounted on a tripod, marker, movie plus marker. Follow below mentioned steps-

  • Do complete planning of your drawing- it is essential to plan your drawing according to the need. Just analyze your entire requirement and plan a sketch accordingly.
  • Collect all the essential items necessary for drawing- you can make use of lamps for minimizing shadow falling on the whiteboard. Place whiteboard on an even surface so as to avoid it unwanted displacement as well as accidental movement.
  • Turn the camera on and anyone can start drawing. It can be time taking the task for the people who are not professionals in this field.
  • After completing drawing, you can turn off camera. Furthermore, import recorded video for software preferences.
  • Make use of editing software for video. You can do cropping of the whiteboard edges as well as increase video speed. You can try out some online option for this purpose.

Multiple advantages are associated with whiteboard animation video. A company can use it for availing business benefits such as –

It can be utilized for making a front page for your business identity it is a great way for story-telling. You can use it for making people aware of the product/service and experiences related to it. It can include an introduction to a company, a product explanation, guiding philosophy that makes the difference between a firm and its competitor.  It is recommended to keep such video short almost for sixty to ninety seconds.

It is a good option for process driving. You can use it for diving deeper into a process, service explanation as well as for particular product. People watching such video can be interested in buying your product as well. Video scribing makes the complex information easily consumable.

It supports innovation along with advocacy. For sharing ideas on motivation, social environment as well as on motivation people make use of whiteboard animation. It can affect viewer’s opinion plus influence changes. When another mode of advertising is not bringing the desired result, then you can try this advertising option as well. It can reach quickly into one’s imagination and that too in very less work. Many companies entail with whiteboard animation facility to its client in most affordable prices.